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How Much Can I Borrow?

Getting the lowest interest rate makes all the difference between profit and loss on your Buy To Let investment. A stress test is used by all lenders when assessing the suitability of an applicant for a buy to let mortgage product.

There are three factors to consider:

  • The rental income
  • The ability to repay the interest on the mortgage. This is referred to as the Interest Cover Ratio, referred to for short as ICR.
  • The notional rate for Stress Testing



The formula to use is:

  • Mortgage Borrowing Amount x 5.5% = annual interest rate 
  • Divide by 12 months = monthly interest repayments (ICR)
  • Multiply the ICR coverage by 125% or145% (based on individual tax band) for the total borrowing capable

Consider the following hypothetical example:

  • Property value £200,000
  • Buy To Let mortgage is £150,000
  • 5.5% interest cover rate is applied
  • £150,000 x 5.5% = £8,250 annual interest / 12 months = £687.50 monthly interest payments 
  • Notional rate is 125% (for Basic Rate Tax Payer) for stress testing brings the real monthly cost to £859.38

*Higher Tax Rate payer is 145% of rental income

In that situation, a minimum rental income of £859.38 to borrow £150,000 on a buy to let mortgage to meet the new stress test requirements

This is what one landlord said....

"When venturing into the buy to let world it can be quite confusing, Christian made the process painless and simple. I found him to be very professionl and helpful in choosing the correct product to maximise my BTL returns. A real pleasure to deal with and comes highly recommended. We will certainly be using Christian later in 2020 for my forthcoming acquisitions & re-financing".

Edward B, Brighton

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